Granite Countertops Budgeting

It’s really easy to correctly budget for your Granite Countertops. More often than not what remains of your existing budget might not cover the cost of your first choice in countertops. This is purely because Granite Countertops are usually only bought when the entire building project is about 85% complete.

Lots of overspending on other products within the project such as those Italian Tiles your Wife “so badly need” and the contractor that made a few mistakes on some of the cost calculations that he had to “cut somewhere” could lead to your choice of Granite Countertops to be severely affected.

Keep in mind that one of the most influential rooms in any house upon sale is a beautiful, well-designed kitchen with STUNNING GRANITE COUNTERTOPS!! Granite countertops are in any shape and form an investment.

On many occasions after visiting and completing Quality Control Inspections with clients a month or two after their projects have been completed these consumers would share their disappointed with their own choice of countertops with me.

Clients regularly give feedback and say “I should have done this, I should have done that……”

By following these easy guidelines you would be able to budget correctly and be happy and satisfied with your choice of Granite countertops for a very very long time.

  1. Allow enough time to make the right decision.
  • Taking your time on a once in a lifetime Granite Countertop that will elevate and beautify your home to the maximum is extremely important. Make sure you have enough time to go and visit slab suppliers in order to select your own material.
  • There are so many beautiful different colours and materials available and by only seeing the odd sample or two you might miss out on that absolute breath taking material!! This would also allow the slab suppliers to order more stock should they not have enough.
  • At Granite Projects we prefer to accompany our clients when they carry out these visits in order to steer the client into the correct direction especially when choosing materials like Marble and Sandstone. These materials have to be properly inspected for flaws like natural fissures (cracks) and defects which could cause serious budget crumbling in the future.
  1. Choose the correct stone for the correct application
  • This is the money saver solution. Many a time clients purely react on the colour of a material but rarely inspect the actual applicable value of the material.
  • As an example you do not have to use 20 mm or 30 mm material on a staircase with treads and risers. 10 mm material would be more than sufficient and much more affordable.
  • Choose materials from well-established Slab Suppliers which have the Warrantees and backups in place to assist you in future with any concerns and problems that may occur.
  • Remember that Engineered Stone is an internal product only and not suitable for outdoors applications.
  • If your budget does not allow for Granite Countertops in your scullery area PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!! This area is a “wet” area and formica tops get damaged quite quickly when it gets in touch with even the smallest bit of water. Replacing these afterwards would be very costly therefore installing even just normal Rustenburg Granite Countertops will not only look great but also serve a great purpose with water damage control.
  1. Trust the professionals
  • First and foremost if you are in a position to have an Architect involved within your project, consult him/her. They are the pinnacle of decision making and their advice should be taken seriously. However from a Granite Countertop processing point of view Granite Projects chooses to be part of these meetings because we are specialists and leaders in our field. Therefore we could offer specific advice and direction into making the perfect budget decision.
  • Consult your Cupboard Company. They are the closest connection between your site and the Granite Countertop Processor. Together they can figure out and plan probably the MOST INFLUENCIAL POINT IN COUNTERTOP BUDGET PLANNING: wastage.
    • Most slab sizes of natural stone differs in size. With Engineered Quartz the consistency with slab sizes are a great advantage and careful planning could eliminate the usage of a small piece into a 2nd or even 3rd slab which would mean the worlds’ difference on your budget.
    • Sometimes by decreasing a small dimension on your design by as little as 20 mm the wastage factor could be reduced by half.
    • Try to limit your design to only 1 or maximum 2 x colours. Perhaps the kitchen and scullery Granite Countertops in one colour and the vanities in another.

  1. Choose the correct Granite Countertop Fabricator
  • Make sure your fabricator knows the industry and the influence of the rest of the trades for example plumbing, lightning, tiling, ceiling, skimming and plastering as well as flooring. All of these craftsmen have to work in close proximity with each other, including the Granite Countertop Processor of course, in order to deliver a complete project, within budget, in the most efficient and timeous way.
  • Check your fabricators credentials. Make sure they are a well-established company and if you could, visit their factory and inspect their machines and tools.
  • Ask for references of previous jobs and try to go and visit one of these sites so that you can clearly inspect the quality and craftsmanship of the processor
  • Request all relevant accreditation certificates such as:
    • Building Industry Bargaining Council (BIBC) Accreditation
    • Tax Clearance Certificate (You could be held accountable for off-tax payers’ outstanding SARS back logs)
    • Letter of Good Standing
    • Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA Membership)

These documents are essential as your product of choice might not carry any warrantees without these accreditations.

At Granite Projects we firmly believe that a beautiful kitchen is the centre of a well-designed home and adding the Granite Countertops of your choice will prevent you from future disappointment and allow you to take pride in the look and feel of your entire house. Choose wisely and make sure your decisions are spot on and consult as many people as possible.

Enjoy it! This could be a great experience and surely the most interesting part of your entire project.

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