Organized Bathrooms: Clean and Clutter-free

Keeping a bathroom tidy, neat and organized can feel like a losing battle. One stray toothpaste cap, a bright orange bottle of Metamucil and a sticky soap dish and the room can quickly appear grungy and cluttered. But with a little planning and some basic maintenance, you can make your bathroom cool, calm and collected.

  1. Purge, purge, purge! Go through your cabinets and delve under your sink and take inventory. Toss out half-used products or give them away. If you haven’t used that lipstick/lotion/exfoliator for the past year you probably never will. This is especially critical in small bathrooms where space is at a premium. For those of you who like to buy in bulk, there is no need to store 8 bottles of the same skin cream under the sink. Gather up all your duplicates and put them in a clearly labelled storage box. Place that box elsewhere in the house.
  2. Move the medicine. Most people assume drugs and medical supplies must be kept in the bathroom. Not so. In fact, many medications suffer in the humidity of a bathroom. Pick out those medications you use on a daily or weekly basis and keep those at hand. The rest can be put in a storage bin elsewhere in the house. If you have children, keep this box locked or childproof. We keep many of our medications in the kitchen where we have some extra storage space. Another important step is to check the expiration dates on your drugs. Those that have expired should be taken to your local pharmacy for disposal.

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