Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Christmas Wreaths

Ideas for double doors include hanging a wreath on each door. Predecorated wreaths make a festive impact on double doors and should be hung using matching wreath hangers. If your door decorations include wreaths as well as other items, such as potted trees or topiary animals, try to keep symmetry in mind throughout your entire design.

Greet visitors at the threshold with Christmas decor. Decorated holiday wreaths create a welcoming entrance to the home. Add a pop of color to greenery with a red velvet bow or go all out with ornaments and ribbon!

Prelit Christmas Wreaths are a classic way to illuminate the house and front door. Choose from incandescent or LED wreaths in a variety of sizes, as well as pre decorated options. Add bows, ornaments and other decorations to greenery to personalize your display or leave them untouched for a more traditional look.

Large wreaths are available in sizes up to 8″, a great option for hanging over barn doors or hanging on a loft door. Decorating barns allows for classic rustic Christmas visions to come to light, and adds a sense of festivity to your home and property. Hang wreaths and lights inside your barn as well, to create a rustic Christmas display perfect for holiday gatherings!

Tip for Decorating Doors with Wreaths: Ensure wreath diameter measures smaller than the door itself. Bow width should measure half the size of the wreaths. So for a 30″ wreath, a 15″ or smaller bow is appropriate.

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