7 interiors trends we predict everyone will be trying in 2019

When decorating your home, or just freshening up some of the major spaces, what do you look to? Is it a particular colour, a style, or even a celebrity and their taste? Whatever your inspiration, there’s some degree of timely-ness associated with it. In recent years, minimalistic pieces and antiques with soul have taken centre stage, whereas 15 years ago we’d all have a chunky two seater clad in florals sitting pride of place in our living room. Regardless of taste and influence, you can’t deny the impact of trends.

Interior design site, Houzz, knows exactly what we’re thinking — sometimes even before we do. As our go-to inspiration location, the website has a good grasp on what’s trending and what’s about to take off. Naturally, we quizzed them about the biggest trends for 2019 — and we were surprised. From the unexpected colour palette you’ll be putting in your kitchen to what we’ll be decorating our patios and balconies with in the new year, these predictions are certainly worth taking into account. Who wants to be the last one with statement wallpaper, after all?

Read the following article to find out more: https://www.vogue.com.au/vogue-living/interiors/7-interiors-trends-we-predict-everyone-will-be-trying-in-2019/image-gallery/1a000f814ae655adc6d04c7d22234875?pos=1

Resource: https://www.vogue.com.au/