20 kitchen design trends for 2019 you need to know about

‘The kitchen is the heart of the home for millions so it makes sense that there is a strong desire to make it the dream space, whether that’s with an ultra-modern look, traditional country style or handcrafted wood effect,’ says Mike Lavers, category manager for kitchens at B&Q.

As the hub of all activity, the kitchen is evolving to make living and cooking as efficient as possible while looking aesthetically impressive. Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt, believes furniture will be ‘defined by difference’ with a mix of standout finishes and materials to identify different pieces of furniture and to create zonal kitchen schemes that are not restricted by four walls or customary layouts.

Meanwhile, the experts at Cosentino talk about the idea of the ‘anti-kitchen’. The kitchen is still a space to love and cherish, but one that can be easily hidden away so as not to impose on a luxurious living area.

So with this in mind, we’ve delved deep to uncover some of the biggest and emerging trends for the year that will help you plan your dream kitchen. From open shelving and glass fronted cabinets, to banquette style seating and dark colour palettes, get all the kitchen inspiration you need right here with the best kitchen trends of 2019.

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Resource: https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/